Karen Glass (center) with James Van Praagh and Mavis Pittilla

  Karen Glass' Education & Credentials

  • Graduated with honors from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO with a Bachelors of Science degree in Health & Exercise Science with a concentration in Wellness Promotion
  • Certified Angel Practitioner-training with Charles Virtue, son of Doreen Virtue, in Laguna Beach, CA
  • Angelic Life Coach-training with Charles Virtue
  • Certificate of Indigo Studies-Training with Charles Virtue
  • Mediumship Program-Angel Universtiy with Dorreen Virtue
  • Mediumistic Unfoldment-Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, United Kingdom
  • Trance Mediumship-Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, United Kingdom
  • Mediumship Class- with Tony Stockwell in Marina del Rey
  • Connections to the Spirit World-James Van Praagh & Mavis Pittilla, Australia
  • Certified Hypnotherapist- training from The Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis in Santa Rosa, CA with training in Advanced Somatic Healing and advance training in Alchemical Past Life Regression and Inner Guides
  • Certified Soul CoachingĀ®, Denise Linn at Summerhill Ranch, CA
  • Certified. Past Life Regression Therapy, Denise Linn at Summerhill Ranch, CA
  • Ordained Minister-Universal Life Church
  • Certified Massage Therapist from the Healing Arts Institute School of Massage Therapy in Fort Collins, CO with additional training in:
    • Orthopedic and Pain Management Massage-training with James Waslaski, Oakland, CA & Cheyenne, WY
    • Sports Massage -Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, Boulder, CO
    • Neuromuscular and Massage Rehabilitation (NMR)-Healing Arts Institute, Fort Collins, CO 
    • Advanced Myofascial Techniques for Whiplash-The Rolf Institute, Boulder, CO
    • Hot Stone Massage-Healing Arts Institute, Fort Collins, CO
    • Active Release Therapy, "Body Insight", Healing Arts Institute, Fort Collins, CO

My journey began as a small child when I told my parents about a lady that stared at me when  I was in my bedroom. The earth bound spirit, a person who has not crossed into the light, showed me that she was hung by a man she once loved. She told me everyone thought she committed suicide. My parents thought I had a vivid imagination and accepted the fact that I did not like doing my homework in my bedroom. When I was 16 the previous home owners came to check out the property and told my parents that they bought the home after the previous owner had committed suicide by hanging herself where my bedroom was. My parents then began asking me questions. We then realized I had a gift that was unusual.

Most spirits I communicate with, are in heaven and have crossed into the light. I was unaware that others did not believe our loved ones are around us, constantly giving us loving messages and signs to help us on our journey.

After my gift was discovered, my family began to discuss past lives and intuitive abilities and discovered my gift runs in the family. We talked about the difference between those who have crossed into the light and ghosts. It was not until I was 16 that my two older brothers confessed that they also heard the ghost all those years as well. They did not hear her speak to them, but they could hear her walking around the house. I also discovered my brother, who is a 11 months older then me, has two of the same recurring past life dreams as I do. We are together in the dreams and our dreams are exactly the same.

I discovered it was unusual to remember our past lives or even believe in past lives. It is so much apart of my reality, I never questioned it. Understanding and knowing your past lives can help you understand your fears and what your soul's goals are for this life. They help you understand your relationships or what lessons you choose to learn. They help us to forgive, to heal,  to grow and to move forward with new awareness and understanding of life.