Please join us on Saturday, October 6th in Thousand Oaks, CA for a full day of transformation as three Psychic Mediums discuss how to transform your life.

"Life today is busy and so much of our time is spent online that we are staying in touch with everyone else at the cost of connecting to our Soul Self. As a result, happiness is often lost in the comparison to what others are doing and achieving instead of knowing what we really want from life and how to allow it to unfold.

Take some time out to spend a day with three women, each with a special message for you, to rekindle the peace, happiness, and love for yourself on your inner journey through life. Turn off the external noise for the day and spend some time getting back in tune with your wise and loving self. We are three speakers here who are looking forward to taking you on a journey to your inner self to find the happiness that abounds."

Your Speakers for this event are:

Dr. Lima Bergmann, PsyD. Lima is a Clinical Psychologist and a Psychic Medium. Her practice focuses on spiritual development. Lima has had 4 Near Death Experiences. She has spoken at the International Association of Near Death Studies and will be discussing how her Near Death Experiences have moved her from living in a life of fear to a life of joy. Dr. Bergmann works to spread the message that life is eternal. In her talk, she reveals how the fear of death can prevent us from realizing the fullness and the richness that life has to offer.

Karen Glass, BS. Karen is a Psychic Medium and an expert in family lineage clearing and past life regression therapy. Karen will be discussing how blocks in our subconscious can keep us from inner peace. We often hear the phrase, "change your thoughts, change your life." However, when we have trauma stuck in our body, it is hard to find the strength to change our thoughts. Karen will teach you techniques to help you clear trauma past down through your family lineage and help you understand how inherited family trauma shapes who we are but not who we can become. With the release of the this trauma it is easier to change your thoughts and therefore change your life.

Monica Teurlings. Monica is a full time Psychic Medium and Author of the book, “Destination Self." Monica channeled her book with the help of her spirit guide Edgar. "We are here to help you connect with your innate wants, wishes, and desires." Her book and presentation will help guide you on a road to self-awakening, happiness, and purpose.

This is a full day event that you will not want to miss! You will take a journey within to look at your soul and discover who you truly are and how to create a more joyful life.

Monica will be selling her book at the event for only $9.99.

We will have raffle prizes: A chance to win a free reading from either Lima, Monica or myself and will be giving away tickets to our Platform Mediumship Event on October 27th.

Please join us for a wonderful day filled with love and opportunity for growth.

Get your ticket now at the Early Bird rate of $65.00 through 8/31/18.

Beginning 9/1/18 the price will increase to $75.00.

Tickets are on sale at Eventbrite. This event will sale out, so buy your tickets now at:

Save the Date: Friday, October 27th.

Share an evening with your loved ones as Monica, Lima, and Karen demonstrate mediumship from a platform. Join us and experience healing, love and connection from the Spirit World. Tickets will be going on sale soon for only $25, if bought it advance. This event will be limited to only 40 people.