Free meeting to learn more about the upcoming trip:

Date: Thursday, October 6th

Time: 6:00 pm -7:30 pm

Location: 73 N. Palm St. M2, Ventura, CA

Join us on a trip Brazil to meet medium João de Deus, also known as John of God, a name given to him for his amazing healing work.  John is one of the top trance medium healers in the world. He is probably the most well known. He has been on Opera and travels the world to preform healing miracles. I highly recommend going to Brazil to see him. The casa, where he works, is on a large crystal which helps create an amazing healing environment.

Trance mediums have the ability to withdraw within and disengage to a point of conscious control of their minds thus allowing it to function under the influence of a spiritual beings.
John is able to blend his energy with highly evolved spiritual beings. In Brazil they call these beings "entities."  While he is in trance, spiritual beings work through him and with him to assist you in your healing, clearing and releasing of past traumas and triggers from this life and past, and they assist you with your own spiritual growth and ascension. He has treated millions of people over the past 5 decades. Some of the entities who work through him are St. Ignatius of Loyola, Biblical King Solomon, deceased doctors such as Dr. Augusto de Almeida and Dr. Oswaldo Cruz and Spiritual Masters. As soon as you sign up for the journey, the spiritual beings begin to work with you and prepare you for the trip.

John of God lives in Abadainia, Brazil. The Casa de Dom Inacio, where John works, is known throughout the world for its healing energy and as a place for miracles. The casa is over a large crystal and has a amazing high vibrational energy to help you with your healing and spiritual growth. The casa is a great place to go for deep reflection, prayer, and meditation. It is great for physical, emotional, and mental healing, and to deepen your spiritual connection to the Divine.

Healing and spiritual growth begins when you sign up to go. The spirit doctors from the casa begin to work on you before you arrive in Brazil. This is great way to clear issues from this life, past lives, and to help your gifts grow. It is an amazing journey but is not always easy to clear old wounds. My spiritual gifts improved after my first trip to Brazil.

First time travelers to John of God are encouraged to have a Casa Guide with them to navigate their time at the casa, so they receive the most from their trip. Peter Frank has been going to Brazil since 2005 as a tour guide and will be the main guide on this trip. This will be my third trip to the casa and first time helping. At the casa I can see, with my third eye, what other can not. It is amazing experience that I would love to share with you.

Tour details

Dates: April 3-15, 2017
You will need to arrive at Brasilia International Airport (BSB) on the 3rd of April between 6:00 am and 1:00 pm. We will have a car pick you up and take you to the casa, which is about a 90 minute drive. We will keep an eye out for flights and see if most of us can get on the same flight leaving the States. Right now American Airlines has a flight leaving Miami at 9:40 pm on the 2nd of April. The flight going home on the 15th leaves BSB in the evening and arrives on Sunday the 16th.

Cost: $2000
Make checks out to "Peter Frank". To hold your spot, there is a $500 deposit with $350 not refundable.The full amount is due on March 1, 2017. In addition to the cost you will need to buy your airplane ticket, Passport, Visa, and travel insurance. It is recommended to bring about $500-$600 cash to use while you are there.

The $2000 will include:

  • Private room and bath at the Pousada (hotel) for reflection and healing
  •  Includes 3 meals per day at your Pousada
  • Informational manual to prepare you for your journey
  • Group Meditations before we depart. You will go through a lot of healing and reflection before we leave.
  • Group meeting to answer your questions and tell stories before we depart
  • Group transportation to and from Brasilia Airport
  • Guidance to assist you when meeting John of God
  • Guided group visits to the Sacred Waterfall
  • Assistance in preparing for the trip. You will need a passport, visa, and traveling insurance

Recommended books before you go.

"John of God: A Guide to your Healing Journey with Spiritual Doctors Beyond the Veil" by Mytrae Meliana

"John of God: the Brazilian Healer Who's Touched the Lives of Millions" by Heather Cumming and Karen Leffler

I enjoyed the book, "And Life Goes On, Life in the Spirit World" by Fancisco Candido Xavier. Talks about Spiritual Hospitals


Please Note: most people do not receive the physical surgeries, which are easy to find online. I personally don't like to watch them. Some people feel in order to be truly healed they need to be physically cut. Some people have trouble fully believing in the spiritual surgeries and in their mind they feel they need to be physically cut to heal.   Some actually just want to try it. I have heard you don't feel it. I have also heard the tools he uses, if he goes in your sinus cavity, can turn to energy and move to where it needs to go and therefor is not necessarily going straight up.  I have only seen him perform a few physical surgeries in person. You are given the choose if you want to try it. You volunteer for it.

Most receive spiritual surgeries. Everything is energy, including us. The entities can preform surgeries and even place stitches in you, without you feeling much at all. A lot of illnesses have an emotional aspect associated with it and the entities work on clearing your emotions to help heal you as well. During my first trip, my first week was healing emotions from this life and the entities worked on physical issues I did not know I had. The second week they worked on clearing a lot of past life issues, that were affecting this life.