In person appointments - please read the safety rules and regulations written below. In person sessions are a 5725 Ralston St. 203. Sold out for 2020. There are no in person session 2021.

Phone and Zoom session - your card on file is charged 24 hours before your session. If you want to pay with Venmo, @KarenGlassMedium, you can pay 48 hours before, so your card is not charged. Thank you

72 hour cancellation policy

Please, if you need to cancel or reschedule give me at least 72 hours notice. I will  charge no shows or those who are in the 72 hour cancellation time period. I work full time as a medium, healer, and teacher. Late cancellations cost me 1/4 to 1/2 a days work and that is why I now have a cancellation policy in effect.  Thank you!

In-Person Appointments -Your Responsibility to Minimize Your Exposure

To obtain services in person, you agree to take certain precautions which will help keep everyone (you, me, and our families, as well as other patients) safer from exposure, sickness and possible death. If you do not adhere to these safeguards, it may result in our starting / returning to a telehealth arrangement. 

You will only keep your in-person appointment if you are symptom free. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), symptoms of potential COVID-19 include: coughing, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, and a new loss of taste or smell.

·         You will take your temperature before leaving your home and coming to each appointment. If it is elevated (100 Fahrenheit or more), or if you have other symptoms of the coronavirus, you agree to cancel the in-person appointment or proceed using telehealth.  If you cancel for this reason, I will not charge you a normal cancellation fee (no more than two cancellations during the course of the pandemic).  No Shows will be charged regular cancellation fees.

·       In order to maintain social distancing, you will wait in your vehicle or outside of the building until no earlier than 5 minutes before our appointment time. Only one client is allowed in my building at a time. My door will be locked and I will let you in. Please wait for me to open the door for you to avoid touching any door knobs.

·         Water/Tea station is closed. Please bring you own water bottle with you.

·         You will wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer before you enter my office suite. I will also have hand sanitizer in my office and offer you some when you arrive.

·       You will adhere to the safe distancing precautions we have set up. You will not use the waiting room. You will not touch anything in the waiting room. All doors I will open for you. Please don’t touch any door knobs.

·        Bathroom – if you need to use the bathroom, I will open the door for you with my key. When you are done using the bathroom you will wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Please use a paper towel to open the door and can throw away in my trash can. I will then offer you more hand sanitizer.

·         You will keep a distance of at least 6 feet and there will be no physical contact (e.g. no shaking hands) with me.

·      You will be using the chair I usually use to give readings and I will sit on the sofa. My chair can be and will be sanitized between every client.

·         You will take steps between appointments to minimize your exposure to COVID-19

·         Healings – You can receive a healing on the chair. If you prefer the table, I have disposable face rest and sheets. No sheets or blankets will be used. Table will be disinfected between every use.

My office will have:

·         An air purifier constantly running during your session

·         Hand Sanitizer

·         Sanitizer wipes

·         Gloves

·         Masks

Office will be sanitized between every client. Please bring your own pen and notebook if you would like to take notes. First time clients please bring your own pen to fill out the intake form.


Karen Glass Medium's Terms and Conditions

Karen Glass and employees of Karen Glass work wholeheartedly to assist you and benefit your personal life journey. You agree when you schedule your an appointment. meditation, class or any services provided by Karen Glass that you are aware that  all spiritual guidance and information given by Karen Glass and employees of Karen Glass is solely intended for your own use and is not to be shared, published or distributed in any form. Full copyright laws and confidentiality applies to all services provided by Karen Glass and her employees.

You understand that all information provided should never be in place of the advice of a professional and licensed doctor, registered practitioner, lawyer or other professional in regards to legal, medical, financial, business, relationship and all other types of personal matters.  Karen Glass completely indemnifies herself against any actions you take and choices you make with spiritual guidance and personal information provided to you by Karen Glass.

Any advice, conversation, or information that you receive from this website, email, text or from Karen Glass is strictly open to your own personal interpretation. Karen Glass does not guarantee the accuracy of her insights/predictions/sessions and is no way responsible or liable for the actions you take as a result of a the session. You are 100% responsible for your actions taken based upon having a session with Karen Glass.

You understand that at all times your health is your responsibility. Karen does not advice you to discontinue any medical treatments you are receiving. You understand that Karen is not a Physician and does not diagnose disease or prescribe any medications ,drugs,  herbs and/or supplements.

You are a spiritual being of free will and your choices are yours alone.  You are attesting that you have read this legal disclaimer and agree to these terms of service by scheduling and/or paying for any service offered by Karen Glass and/or  and/or communicating with Karen Glass in any fashion

You agree that all correspondence and conversations between yourself and Karen Glass are completely confidential. Please note that readings are non-refundable.. When you engage in a reading, meditation or any services  with Karen Glass you are in agreement with these terms and conditions.