Online scheduling
Please Note: I have a New Office, New Location

5725 Ralston Street, Ste 203
Ventura, CA 93003

Please read before you book

I need to know the first name of the person coming in to see me. If you are scheduling an appointment for someone else, please  put their name down! You can put your contact information, but Please put the name of the person I am seeing on the schedule or include a message stating their name in the "Include a Message" section before you hit "book it." Phone Services are list on the bottom of the scroll down menu. All the times listed are Pacific Time.

If you booked the appointment correctly you will receive a confirmation email. You will also receive a reminder email the day before your appointment.

You can use the scroll down menu to your right to book or click on the "Schedule now" icons.

Crystal Bed Sessions-To Schedule please email or text me. I will let you know my availability. Usually Friday Afternoons.

Payment & Holding Credit Cards to schedule
I am now holding credit cards to schedule appointments to help prevent no shows and late cancellations. The card is not billed at the time of booking and is not billed if you cancel with more then 48 hours notice.

You can still pay with PayPal before the session or pay with cash, check, or with a different card when you arrive. I only bill your credit card on file if you ask me to bill that card, if you are a no show, or late cancellations.

If you have a gift certificate, you can email me the time you want to schedule or book online, knowing that you will not be charged.

A few of you are in a different price range and will be charged at our agreed price. (for regulars before 2018)

 You can book online up to 45 days out. If you see "This service is temporarily unavailable..." Then I am booked more then 45 days out. You can email, text, or call with a day or time you prefer, and if available I will put you on the schedule. I can also put you on my waiting list.

48 hour cancellation policy

I do have a waiting list of people eager to get in. So please, if you need to cancel or reschedule give me at least 48 hours notice. I will  charge no shows or those who cancel with only 24 hours notice.  Thank you!

Online scheduling

Karen Glass Medium's Terms and Conditions

Karen Glass and employees of Karen Glass work wholeheartedly to assist you and benefit your personal life journey. You agree when you schedule your an appointment. meditation, class or any services provided by Karen Glass that you are aware that  all spiritual guidance and information given by Karen Glass and employees of Karen Glass is solely intended for your own use and is not to be shared, published or distributed in any form. Full copyright laws and confidentiality applies to all services provided by Karen Glass and her employees.

You understand that all information provided should never be in place of the advice of a professional and licensed doctor, registered practitioner, lawyer or other professional in regards to legal, medical, financial, business, relationship and all other types of personal matters.  Karen Glass completely indemnifies herself against any actions you take and choices you make with spiritual guidance and personal information provided to you by Karen Glass.

Any advice, conversation, or information that you receive from this website, email, text or from Karen Glass is strictly open to your own personal interpretation. Karen Glass does not guarantee the accuracy of her insights/predictions/sessions and is no way responsible or liable for the actions you take as a result of a the session. You are 100% responsible for your actions taken based upon having a session with Karen Glass.

You understand that at all times your health is your responsibility. Karen does not advice you to discontinue any medical treatments you are receiving. You understand that Karen is not a Physician and does not diagnose disease or prescribe any medications ,drugs,  herbs and/or supplements.

You are a spiritual being of free will and your choices are yours alone.  You are attesting that you have read this legal disclaimer and agree to these terms of service by scheduling and/or paying for any service offered by Karen Glass and/or  and/or communicating with Karen Glass in any fashion

You agree that all correspondence and conversations between yourself and Karen Glass are completely confidential. Please note that readings are non-refundable.. When you engage in a reading, meditation or any services  with Karen Glass you are in agreement with these terms and conditions.