Somatic Healing Session: Most popular of all my services and is a combination of all my services put into one. In addition, I tune into your energy and channel a message for you from your Guides and/or Angels. We then have a Spiritual Coaching session, fallowed by an energy healing session on my massage table.

Somatic Healings help individuals who feel stuck in their life or spiritual path. The session helps clear your aura and energy field so you feel better, think better, and your intuition is easier to hear. The session helps individuals clearly see what positive steps they need to take in their life. It also helps people heal from past relationships or other heart aches that are holding them back. I am often guided to cut cords, clear your chakras and raise your vibration. During some sessions a past life healing occurs and we release that out of your cell memory.

Many diseases have been found to have psychological components. Sometimes illness is the direct result of past trauma and emotions stored in the body. Energy work and guides help us with the healing process.  I combine my gifts as a medium, intuition, training in Somatic Healing, and massage to create a healing session for you. After a session people state that they feel like a weight has been lifted from them, they feel full of love and light and have a new awakening. Many have said their session has been life changing. Session can last up to two hours. $300.00

Phone Somatic Healing Sessions: Like Somatic Healing, I channel guides for you and we have short Spiritual Coaching session. I then guide you over the phone into a healing session. It is best to have your hands free with a head set and be in an area where you will not be distracted. Phone session can last up to 2 hours. This is more then just a reading over the phone. I will also do clearing energy work on you while you are in a slight meditative state. I call you! $300.00

Somatic Healing For Children under 11: I ask that parents be present in the room for the entire session. I channel guides and Angels to give messages to your child. We then have a short Spiritual Coaching session. Your child then gets on my massage table for an energy healing session. Sessions can last up to an hour. $95.00

Somatic Healing For Teenagers 12-17: I ask that a parent arrive with their teenager to sign forms. It is up to the parent and the teenager if they want their parent present in the room. I channel a message for your teenager before they arrive and we then have a short Spiritual coaching session fallowed by a healing session on the massage table. Sessions last about 90 to 120 minutes. $220.00

Mediumship/Healing Combo:

 An hour session of either mediumship or healing or a combination of the two. We can discuss what you desire to address at the time of your session.

Medium: Communication with souls who have passed on. I am a translator for spirits. Spirits place images or visions in my minds eye so I can deliver loving messages to you. People are often amazed at who has a message and wants to come through to speak to them. Please allow the spirits who come through first, speak. If there is someone in particular that you would like to talk to, let me know, and we will try to talk to them when the time is right. Phone readings are available. Readings last one hour.

Energy Clearing: Clear old energies and beliefs from this life or past lives that are effecting your mood, your health, or are holding you back from your soul path and living your dreams. Your emotions from this life can cause illness in your body. Guides and Angels help you recover from the emotional pain and clear out lower vibration energy out of your body, so your body can naturally heal itself. Our guides integrate new vibrate energy and gifts into you body and soul. Phone Sessions are available and are just as powerful. $175.00

Please note that I am a regression therapist/healer. I see your blocks, your potential and where your soul desires to go. Through free will, you can create your future. I do not consider myself a psychic in predicting what you will choose to do.