Sunday Services

The 3rd- 4th Sunday of every month

Time: 10:30 am -12:00 noon
Cost: Donation

Inspiration Speaker with either Spirit Messages or a Channeled Meditation

*Space is limited for all events. Sign up online to reserve your seat. If you sign up and then discover you can not attend, please let me know so I can open your seat up to someone on the wait list. 

To sign up, click on the photo of the service you would like to attend or click on the eventbrite link. 

Sunday, May 19th
10:30-12:00 noon
Speaker is Donna Broadwell:

Relationships can be some of the most rewarding yet challenging experiences that we as humans face. Learning ways to navigate the slippery path of relationships can bring greater ease and a deeper level of satisfaction on our journey. I will be demonstrating a valuable tool to help you understand the roles that different people play in our lives and the ease that can come when we manage our expectations and have an understanding of where others belong in our circle of relationships.

Cheryl Murphy
Lima Bergmann
Jennifer Philips

Space is limited. Sing up at:

Sunday, June 23rd
10:30-12:00 noon
Speaker is Medium Jennifer

Please join us on Sunday, June 23, 2019 for a Spiritual Service in Ventura, CA. Sunday Service includes  an inspirational speaker and mediumship demonstrations.

Sunday's topic in on Graceful Transformation with Medium Jennifer

"Rapid transformation is happening on both an individual and collective level. Souls are awakening and hearts are opening. Transformation comes with its lessons and challenges, but there are practical things you can implement  to smooth out the process, lessen the duration, and enjoy the many rewards of spiritual and human connection."

Medium Jennifer is a spiritual, teacher, medium, and healer.  She uses a combination of psychology, modern spiritual wisdom, intuition, and personal experience to help others on there transformational journey. Her approach is both  heart-centered and grounded.

We have three Spiritual Mediums delivering Spirit Messages from your loved ones.

Mediums are:

Cheryl Murphy

Shelley Sanders

Britta Grubin.

Space is limited. Sign up early to reserve your seat. If you sign up and can not make it, please let me know so we can open your seat up for an other.  Please arrive ON TIME!

If you are interested in being a speaker or medium for a Sunday Services, please email me at Email me a short proposal of what you would like to present and I will see if you are good fit for our services. Thank You