Sunday Services

The 3rd- 4th Sunday of every month

Time: 10:30 am -12:00 noon
Cost: Donation

Inspiration Speaker with either Spirit Messages or a Channeled Meditation

*Space is limited for all events. Sign up online to reserve your seat. If you sign up and then discover you can NOT attend, please let me know so I can open your seat up to someone on the wait list. I ALWAYS have a wait list. So please let me know if you can not attend.

Please take note of the number of seats you reserved. Thank you.

To sign up, click on the photo of the service you would like to attend or click on the eventbrite link. 

Sunday, July 14, 2019
10:30-12:00 noon

Sunday's topic is on "Collective Freedom Technique" by Julie Franck

Please join us on Sunday, July 14, 2019 for a Spiritual Service in Ventura, CA. Sunday Service includes  an inspirational speaker and mediumship demonstrations.

"Our experience in life is based on our self image. And our self image is born from our experiences. Therein lies the conundrum. I’ll be talking with you about a technique I developed that interrupts that cycle and puts you back in the driver seat. I’ll explain how memories are formed and how they direct our daily choices. I’ll show you how practicing this technique will leave you feeling empowered and free from the mind chatter that causes negative emotions, feelings of lack, regret, shame and unworthiness. Those feelings get in the way of living fully and enjoying life. I’ll talk with you about the importance of practicing presence and give you a quick tool that can take you from irritation, frustration or even boredom to feeling inspired in under a minute

Julie Franck is a Certified Life Coach, business owner, Reiki practitioner and founder of Collective Freedom Technique. For more than 25 years she has been researching and teaching in the fields of alternative healing and personal growth. She developed her skills in NLP and EFT to overcome personal trauma and limitations. Now she is passionate about helping others do the same through one on one coaching and her signature daylong workshop that takes participants through a brief course of kinesthetic work and mind play to release and overcome trauma, abuse and self limiting beliefs"

We have three Spiritual Mediums delivering Spirit Messages from your loved ones to you. Mediums are:

Roger Hardnock

Jennifer Krieg

Shelley Sanders.

August 18, 2019
10:30-12:00 noon

Sunday's topic is "Discover the True You by Embracing Your Fears" by Lima Bergmann

Please join us on Sunday, August 18, 2019 for a Spiritual Service in Ventura, CA. Sunday Service includes  an inspirational speaker and Trance Healing.

"An ever increasing number of people are looking for ways to live deeper, more meaningful lives in connection with their soul. However, the transition to living a more soul centered life can be difficult if you aren't clear about what's holding you back.

In her talk, Lima Bergmann will help you understand what your fears are trying to tell you and how using them as clues for your growth can lead you on a path toward an alignment with the True You.

The True You is:
The essence of your being;
Your soul;
The divine spark within you;
Your core consciousness.

The problem you face when trying to live a more soul driven life is that your ego gets in the way by creating resistance in the form of fears.

In order to live in alignment with your soul, you must first learn to recognize the role of your fears and how they keep you stuck in earlier stages of your psychological development. Working through them clears a path for your spiritual development.

Dr. Lima Bergmann is a Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Medium. Trained as both a clinical psychologist and medium, her work focuses on an integration of psychological and soul development to provide her clients with deeply transformative breakthroughs. As a spiritual mentor, she is dedicated to helping people live in alignment with their True Self so that they can create a more purposeful and soul driven life."

Alan Chapman/Shaman Oaks is a Trance Healer. Trance Healing is a very powerful method of spiritual healing, because the medium is a direct channel for spirit. As a trance healer, Alan enters into a conscious trance state and builds energy in the room to create a powerful transfer of healing energy from spirit to you. The actual healing treatment may take up to 10-20 minutes depending on spirit.

Alan Chapman is a medium trained at Arthur Findlay College. He is a natural healer and has helped people all over the world with emotion, mental and physical pain. Trance healing can also assist with spiritual growth and awareness.

Singer/Guitar Player, Rachel Calabrese.

Space is limited. Sign up early to reserve your seat. If you sign up and can not make it, please let me know so we can open your seat up for an other. Please arrive ON TIME!

Donation of $10-$20 is appreciated.
If you are interested in being a speaker or medium for a Sunday Services, please email me at Email me a short proposal of what you would like to present and I will see if you are good fit for our services. Thank You