Sunday Services

Once a month on Zoom

Time: 10:30 am -12:00 noon
Cost: $10 *donation

Sunday Services include an Inspiration Guest Speaker, Spiritual Mediums, a Healer and a Musician. 

Spirit Sunday

About this Event

Please join us on Sunday, April 18, 2020 from 10:30 am - 12:00 noon Pacific Time for a Spiritual Service online via Zoom. (1:30 pm Eastern Time/ 7:30 am Hawaii Time)

Our service will include Guest Speaker, Kellee White, Our Spiritual Mediums are Mary Ellen and Karen Anderson and our Spiritual Healer is Cyndi Howley . 

"How I became a Medium" by Kellee White

Speaker: Kellee White is a Spiritual Medium and a licensed Psychotherapist practicing with celebrities, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, politicians as well as individuals, couples and families. Her specialties involve her work with trauma, loss, grief counseling, changes and transitions, and fear of death. A major goal of Kellee’s therapy is to heal the soul which may include receiving a message from a loved one who has passed on to the other side. Kellee uses many lenses of viewing the soul including astrology, psychic ability and destiny cards in her sessions. An hour with Kellee might well be the most exciting, informative, healing hour of your life!

A native of Los Angeles, Kellee climbed the corporate ladder as a senior executive. The Universe intervened in 2000 when Kellee suffered a traumatic brain injury that changed her life forever. Completely confused and not comprehending what was happening, Kellee found herself seeing and talking to “dead people.” Understanding her newly found gift and the journey she embarked upon is the subject of her nearly completed book.

Kellee is the co-host of BOTH SIDES NOW & BEYOND with James Van Praagh every Monday at 6pm PST and the monthly co-host of An Evening Of Spirit with James Van Praagh.

You can reach Kellee at

Spiritual Healer: 

Cj Howley believes that we are our own inherent healers. That every answer we seek lies within. That all that we hope to learn is actually a remembrance of what we already know. It is through authentic, unattached introspection, reflection, and accountability that we may recover our hOMe frequency, free of programming, conditioning, and separation.

Cj has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to this memory. Study has brought her through definitions of Reiki Master, Pranic Healing, Matrix Energetics, Intuitive Medical guidance, Herbal Medicine training, Romi-Romi, Mystery School, different schools of Yoga, Wim Hoff Method and western training in Psychology, 1st responder, and others. All of these studies have essentially been guides, helping to provide language and context for and to hone in on what she has come to know is always present within.

Her practice has led to her working one on one with clients, facilitating workshops and classes, and working with seminar and retreat groups. 

The last decade Cj has focused on learning directly from the ocean and her inhabitants; specifically the wild Dolphins,Whales, and Sharks. In their own unique ways they remind her she is not a drop in the ocean, but the oceans in a drop. As Cj dives deeper into the Ocean she has been able to dive more deeply into her humanity & beyond.

Spiritual Mediums: 

Mary Ellen: From a young age, Mary Ellen has been able to tap into her psychic and mediumship awareness, even before she understood her capabilities. As she’s developed into a professional medium over several years under the direction of Micheal Mayo, Gordon Smith and Eileen Davies; including numerous visits to Arthur Findlay College in London - Mary Ellen has progressed into a straight forward, evidential medium delivering messages with compassion and accuracy while upholding the authenticity and integrity of the spirit world.

Mary Ellen also helps to identify and mentor those who are called upon by spirit to develop their sacred and spiritual gift. Her greatest mission is to heal and help those in seek of guidance and truth from the world unseen using their own abilities or through her healing spiritual gifts. 

Karen Anderson is a Spiritual Intuitive, Medium, Angelic Channel, Radio Show Host, Master Teacher, IET and Theta Healing pracitioner. Karen is a third generation intuitive. As a small girl, she could easily hear the voice of the Angels and Spirit. Those childhood connections blossomed into a beautiful heart-filled connection she relies upon to this day. Karen provides readings for clients and teaches courses on spiritual development. Learn more about Karen at

Host/Organizer: Karen Glass

Karen Glass is a Spiritual Teacher, Healer and an Evidential Medium. Karen graduated with honors from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Exercise Science. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist with training from The Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis in Santa Rosa, CA with Advanced training in Somatic Healing and Advanced Training in Alchemical Past Life Regression and Inner Guides. She has studied mediumship at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England.

Karen assists clients to release past life, childhood, and all trauma from your cell memory and subconscious. Karen works with your family members on the other side to help heal family lineage issues. She has a private practice in Ventura, California where she teaches and hosts Meditation Circles, Mediumship Demonstrations and Sunday Services. Karen is available for in-person, phone, or zoom sessions for healing, regression therapy, mediumship or a combination of all three. Sessions are one or two hours and by appoitnment only. Learn more about Karen at

Karen Glass

April 18, 2021
Guest Speaker: Kellee White
Healer: Cyndi Howley
Mediums: Karen Anderson and Mary Ellen
If you are interested in being a speaker or medium for a Sunday Services, please email me at Email me a short proposal of what you would like to present and I will see if you are good fit for our services. Thank You