Join me on the Big Island of Hawaii for a 5 day Soul Healing Retreat

October 30th to November 4th, 2017

Limited to 17 people

Join me for a 5 day & 5 night retreat where you will enjoy the magical energy of the Hawaiian Island
s and swim in the healing & unconditional loving energy of wild dolphins.

Learn from and enjoy the Hawaiian water with Dolphin Spiritualist and Dolphin Communicators, Cyndi Howley and Lisa Denning

Included in the retreat costs:
5 day Soul Healing Classes October 30th-November 3rd from 3:00 pm -6:00pm at the Resort

We will be looking at our soul growth and personal development. Self-healing from a spiritual perspective. The class if about personal growth and understand who you are, who you can become, and how you can clear triggers or old programing that no longer serve your higher good. You will become aware of beliefs or energies that are holding you back from your true potential. This retreat will differ from my other retreats where we pair up and read others, this retreat you will be looking at yourself. The goal is to have a self-realization and understand what your true potential is and what energies you hope to clear or heal to help you easily obtain your true potential. We are multi-dimensional beings with amazing abilities. We just need to be awaken to who we are. The dolphins assist us in this awakening.

The goal is to then swim with the dolphins with a greater understanding of energies you hope to activate in your body or hope to clear. The dolphins will know what you need. The healing sonar from the dolphins transmits higher frequencies into your body, helping your body to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. The sonar increases your vibration helping you to grow spiritually and open your heart chakra bringing you back to a place of love and light. Their guidance and sonar activate much of what you already know deep inside of you. People have been known to have spiritual awakenings while swimming with these high vibrational animals. Their sound waves move through the salt water into our fluid bodies, connecting with our cell memory and healing us and awakening us on a cellular level.

  • Learn techniques to help you connect with dolphins
  • Understand the healing and spiritual aspects of dolphins. I have hired 2 dolphin specialist, Hawaiian dolphin specialist and spiritualist Cyndi Howley,, who will be sharing with us how dolphins changed her life and will help us understand the spiritual aspect of dolphins and their importance. She will also be going over some swimming tips and how to respect the dolphins. I have also hired Lisa Denning,, who is an underwater photographer and has dedicated her life to helping dolphins and is currently working on a film to help others understand the importance of protecting the dolphin environment.
  • Understand how our soul grows and learns
  • Understand why you attract certain people or situations into your life
  • Understand soul contracts
  • Learn how to clear old programing & fears
  • Ancestral Lineage Clearing
  • Learn self healing tools
  • Understand your own personal power and how to manifest
  • Activation and spiritual growth
  • Meditations and soul journey's channeled by Karen Glass
  • The healing sonar from the dolphins transmits higher frequencies into your body, helping your body to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. The sonar increases your vibration helping you to grow spiritually and open your heart chakra bringing you back to a place of love and light.
5 night stay at the Royal Kona Resort. Check in Oct. 30th. Check out Nov. 4th

75-5852 Alii Drive
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

Oceanfront - On Kailua Bay
Don the Beachcomber Restaurant
Don's Mai Tai Bar
Daily Maid Service
Self-Service Coin-Operated Laundry
Ocean Front Swimming Pool
Private Swimming Lagoon
Four Lighted Tennis Courts
Fitness Center
Massage & Spa Center

The Resort is walking distance to many great restaurants. Jack's Diving Locker, where we pick up a bus to take us to the boat, is only .4 miles away  So you don't need to rent a car, unless you want to.

You do need to provide your own transportation to and from the resort. You will fly into Kona International Airport (KOA) (I can not guarantee it, but I have seen good airfare deals for the fall months come available in late summer)

Included in the cost of the retreat is 5 nights shared accommodations with one other person. Single accommodation options are available. All rooms have a partial Ocean View.
Check in: Monday, October 30th
Check out: Saturday, November 4th
4 Dolphin trips:
  • Meet in the Lobby at Royal Kona Resort at 7:30 am. We will walk to Jack's Diving Locker .4 miles. Less then a 10 minute walk. Return to the resort around 1:00pm. Boat trips are on 10/31, 11/1, 11/2 & 11/3
  • Our group will be on a private 38 foot boat operated by Jack's Diving Locker,
  • Snorkel gear is provided (can bring your own gear as well)
  • Snorkel guides will assist us in the water
  • Guides and the boat captain will assist us from the boat
  • Dolphin specialists Cindi Howley and Lisa Denning will also be assisting us in the water
  • Sandwiches, cookies, drinking water, sodas and juices will be available

Friday Night Lu'au at the Resort 5:00pm-8:00 pm

  • Aloha shell lei welcome Photo opportunities
  • Arts & Craft Demonstrations
  • Learn to hula with a group lesson
  • Delicious all-you-care-to-eat Hawaiian Luau buffet with traditional island fare and local specialties
  • Complimentary Mai Tais, standard cocktails, beer, wine, and non-alcoholic offerings
  • Imu ceremony to unearth the Kalua Pua’a (roast pig) from the in-ground oven
  • Dynamic and Lyrical Polynesian Revue with Dance, Song, and Live Music
  • Samoan Fire Knife Dance Finale (Siva Afi)

Arriving on the Island:

Fly into Kona International Airport (KOA), From LAX there is a direct flight that arrives late morning on Delta, Hawaiian Airlines... on the 30th of October.

A car is not needed during the retreat unless you want one. The hotel is 9 miles away, about a 16 minute taxi or uber drive. We will walk to Jack's Diving locker to pick up a bus to take us to the boat. Jack's is just under 1/2 mile away. The hotel has a restaurant and there are tons of restaurants half of a mile away or closer. 

All transportation to the resort is not included in the cost of the retreat.

Retreat Cost
At this time the full payment is due


Monday, October 30, 2017

  • 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm Class in the Kailua Room at the Royal Kona Resort. 
    • Introduction
    • Cyndi Howley will be discussing her magical healing experiences with dolphins and how swimming with dolphins changed her life. She will also discuss water safety tips, what to expect, and how to respect the dolphins while swimming with them.
    • Karen Glass will be talking about how she communicates with the animals and we will begin the Soul Healing retreat classes.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017-Thursday, November 2, 2017

  • 7:30 am meet at Royal Kona Resort (exact location TBA). Walk as a group to Jack's Diving Locker. Less than half a mile away or meet us at Jack's at 7:45am
  • 8:00 am take a bus to the boat. A light lunch on the boat-sandwiches/cookies/water/sodas
  • 12:30ish, arrive back from swimming with the dolphins
  • 1:00 pm -3:00 pm- Free time
  • 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm - Soul Healing Class in the Kailua Room at the Royal Kona Resort

Friday, November 3, 2017

  • 7:30 am meet at Royal Kona Resort (exact location TBA). Walk to Jack's Diving Locker. Less than half a mile away or meet us at Jack's at 7:45am
  • 8:00 am take a bus to the boat, a light lunch is included-sandwiches/cookies/water/sodas
  • 12:30ish, we will arrive back from swimming with the dolphins
  • 1:00 pm -2:30 pm- Free time
  • 2:30 pm - 4:20 pm - Soul Healing Class in the Kailua Room at the Royal Kona Resort
  • 4:45 pm-8:00 pm Lu'au at Royal Kona Resort (included in retreat fees)

Saturday, November 4, 2017-Depart or explore the island

Preparing For your trip and swimming tips:

  • Please get out and exercise, if you can. You don’t need to be a strong swimmer, but the more fit you are, the more energy and endurance you’ll have to stay in the water and be with the dolphins. There is a ladder to get on and off the boat, which can be tiring for some people. I know some of you have health issues and why you are going to swim with the dolphins and exercise is tiresome for you. The boat will be available to get on and off as you please and can rest on the boat if needed.
  •    If you are not a super strong swimmer or have health issues that may prevent you from swimming around easily, you may decide to wear a life vest and float close to your pod leader. They also have fun noodles to float on. Allow the dolphins to come to you. Last time I went, the dolphins always went to those who floated near the boat, while the rest of us swam to them. So either way you will be able to swim with them. They are smart animals and know what you need.
  • On the first day we will stop in a bay to test our snorkel gear and see how well you swim. This will allow you to get comfortable in the water before we call in the dolphins.  We will divide you into smaller groups depending on your comfort in the water, swimming ability, and endurance. A group pod leader, either Lisa, Cyndi or one of the assigned dolphin water safety experts from Jack’s, will lead your group of about 5 people in the water.
  • The dolphins love to play in the water. They swim around us/you. Can mimic your moves or you can mimic them. They are very playful.
Healing aspects of the dolphin

"Perhaps the only species that compares well with Homo Sapiens in intelligence, dolphins possess an innate gentleness and a mysterious power to trigger the healing process in humans. “What makes dolphins exceptional in therapeutical fields,” explains Rene, “is the use of their sonar with which they echolocate their prey. There is evidence that dolphins trigger the healing process in humans by boosting the production of T-cells and endorphins. After patient and dolphin interactions, scientists have measured a far greater harmony between the left and right sides of the brain.” He informs that dolphins produce an intense amount of echolocation energy, which resonates in the bones, such as the skull and the sternum, and then travels up the spine.

“Many therapists believe,” says Amanda Green, a marine biologist, “that a dolphin’s sonar causes a phenomenon called cavitation inside the soft body tissue of the human body. It precipitates a ripping apart of the molecules.” So, if sonar does that with cellular membranes, it could completely change the biomolecular structure. She adds, “many hospitals already use a lithotripsy machine that uses low frequency sound waves to break up kidney stones and gall stones. The physics of that machine are not different from a dolphin’s sonar.”

When you encounter a wild dolphin in open waters, something breaks open the conditioned seals of your heart. “Dolphins make you feel accepted as you are, with unconditional love,” explains Amanda. This, she feels, leads to a profound inner peace that reaches out to embrace the universe. In scientific terms, this is biophillia, the transformative power that links you to nature, and, going by recent research, dolphins could be the most powerful carriers of this emotion." source-

How Dolphins Heal:

"Although no one really knows how and to what degree dolphins heal, a number of both scientific and intuitive speculations have been put forth.

Sound and Vibration: Scientists believe that the dolphin’s ultrasound emissions have considerable healing potential from an energy and informational perspective. Clinically, ultrasound has been used to promote healing, for diagnostic imaging, and to destroy cataracts and kidney and gallstones. Throughout history, sound - such as music, drumming and chanting - has been used to promote health. Physiologically, we now know that these sounds can influence heart rate, breathing, muscle contractions, memory, and immune function. In terms of energy, the dolphin’s ultrasound blast is four times stronger than therapeutically used in hospitals.

Furthermore, this blast is delivered through water, which is 60 times more efficient than air for sound transference, to a body that is three-quarters fluid. It is believed that ultrasound resonance within the cerebrospinal fluid is especially important due to the fluid’s key influence on the brain and spinal cord.

Brain Waves: Dr. David Cole of the Aquathought Foundation has shown that human brain waves shift from high-frequency beta to low-frequency theta waves after a dolphin encounter. Beta waves are associated with increased concentration, alertness, and enhanced memory function. In contrast, theta waves are associated with enhanced creativity, sensory integration, and altered states of consciousness. For the sake of reference, people exhibit theta waves in the fleeting moments when they drift from consciousness into sleep.

Scientists believe that a brain-wave shift of this nature strengthens the human immune system. Furthermore, after a dolphin encounter, research has shown a synchronization of brain-wave activity between the logical, analytical left brain and the intuitive, imaginative right brain. These brain-wave alterations may explain why people view swimming with the dolphins as a transcendental experience.

Dr. Cole speculates that these brain-wave alterations are facilitated by sonar-induced cavitation. Basically, the dolphin’s intense sound waves create alternating regions of compression and expansion that form small bubbles in the cell membrane.  In turn, these bubbles facilitate the transport of key neurological molecules from outside to inside neurons.

Human Energy Fields: Scientists also speculate that the dolphins’ therapeutic energy is mediated through human energy fields. According to human energy field theory (see Infinite Mind, Dr.. Valerie Hunt, Malibu Publishing Co, 1996), disease has its origins in the energy field at an atomic level, which then progressively manifests in the molecular, cellular and body-system levels. Conversely, if the energy field is fixed, healing will progress to the physical body. The human energy field responds to stimulus, such as sound, even when the person experiences no conscious awareness of the stimulus and before changes are noted in physiological parameters such as brain waves, blood pressure, etc.  Because it is theorized that the effects of spinal cord injury are stored in these energy fields, mending the human energy field first will promote the body’s healing." source -

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