“Karen is simply an amazingly gifted healer! It's so fitting that her last name is Glass as her sight is crystal clear. She is quite a gift and blessing to all who are and will be touched by her and her gifts. As a healer for the past 25 years myself and as someone who has received a great deal of healing, I can say that there are few healers who have the kind of gift Karen possesses! I am so grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to receive Karen's work!With much Gratitude & love,"

 Ellen Newhouse-Seattle, WA

"Karen Glass is warm, sweet, inviting, humble woman with a beautiful heart and soul that radiates a glow around her. In that glow, you will peacefully melt into her presence and massage table! She will disarm you of all your walls and armour. I obviously can not say enough wonderful things about her. Let me start from the beginning. I had several acquaintances refer her to my close friends. After my three close friends had  life changing moments and revelations in their appointments with her, I had to go have the experience myself, while visiting California. 
I had the Somatic Massage. I am a skeptical and mistrusting person, but one who is trying to grow emotionally and spiritually so I went in open to the experience. I knew my close friends had been told many things no one could possibly know.
Lets just say that I cried with relief and revelation, I found peace and that day I began a forward journey of new knowledge of the world and of myself. A spiritual and emotional growth. She was very accurate in every word.
That's what people possibly mean when they say she has changed their life. 
Physically, Karen's massages and hands are magical and everyone agrees. You wont want to ever leave her office!
Thank you, Karen, for all that you do..."
Melissa Hitchcock from Connecticut

"Karen is a very caring and amazing massage therapist and medium! I love how she combines both of these skills in her somatic healing. It was truly a wonderful experience. I can't say enough good things about her and her medium skills were spot on for me. This world could use a hundred more just like her! Go with an open mind and leave with an open heart!

Hydee, Camarillo, CA

“I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a past life regression/soul coaching session with Karen to uncover the truth behind a long term physical ailment.  Karen’s exceptional intuitive abilities and coaching skills quickly led me down a path of discovery as to the causes of my issue; a past life wound which was negatively playing out in this life. The emotional release in our session was not only incredibly freeing but also, deeply healing for me. Karen is incredibly gifted and the energy she brings into a session is beautiful and profound.  I would highly recommend Karen to anyone who is seeking intuitive guidance, coaching and healing of a current life issue which may have its roots in a past life trauma or, anyone simply wanting to strengthen their Soul connection.”

Michelle Darby-Fay, MBus.
Energetic Healing Practitioner and Business Owner
Sydney, Australia

"Dear Karen, I am still blown away from your coaching session. I feel so light, free and happy. You have the most gorgeous energy and understanding that made me feel so safe and comfortable. Thank you so much! All my love and angel light."

Jessica Eriksson, United Kingdom-Vibrational Essence Healer. 

 “Karen is truly gifted.  She said the somatic massage wasn’t going to be like a traditional spa massage with aromatherapy and it surely wasn’t.  It was so much more!  I am referring her to everyone and I’m trying to get her to come to Hawaii so my friends can experience her gift.  She has changed my life in a way that is hard to put into words.  I feel lighter and free and I trust my intuition more now.”

Amy, Kaneohe, HI
"I have had a somatic healing massage from Karen and it was a wonderful experience, Her abilities as a medium and a massage therapist were combined together into an extraordinary and powerful healing for physical and spiritual curing. She opened up parts of me that were partially closed and taught me how to keep those pathways open. She changed my life."

Jeff, Ventura.

"I have been a massage therapy client of Karen Glass' for several years now, and can't imagine not having her in my life. I am a swimmer and rower who gets my share of sport injuries. Karen has extensive knowledge of the body, and is always able to work on my injuries returning me to good health quickly. She is a gifted healer who has always handled herself with the utmost professionalism. I feel fortunate  to have a massage therapist of Karen's caliber!"

Nancy De Halas, Shasta, CA

"Karen was my massage therapist and she couldn't have been more kind! I've only had a handful of massages before, and sometimes you can tell when the person giving you your treatment is just going through the motions or bored or ready to go home...Not so with Karen. This was the best massage I've ever had! I've been landscaping and moving boxes for days and I didn't realize how much tightness was in my back. She really took her time working on an area until it was loose and knot-free! When we were done I was so relaxed and I can honestly say my back, neck, and shoulders have never felt better! And the heat from the stones really seemed to soak into my muscles. She seemed to really care about my experience there. Thanks Karen!

Kameron, Boise ID

"I have been going to Karen Glass for about 2 years. Over the years I have gone to many different massage therapist, I have found Karen to be one of the best. Rather I go in just to have a relaxing massage or one because I have some new injury from running or working out at the gym or in the yard, she seems to work out all the kinks of life...I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone...I have sent friends and family to her. Giver her a try, you will not be disappointed.

Cindy Wertz, Redding, CA

"I’m an active independent person and knew that I had a couple of health issues. I have been seeing a chiropractor (s) for a couple of years for my back and small fiber neuropathy. I also had a sore left shoulder and they suggested that I see a massage therapist.
Karen Glass was recommended and I’ve been seeing her for several months. When I started with her, I was not able to put my left arm behind my back without excruciating pain. I’m happy to say I am making progress and the pain has been reduced significantly. 
Karen is an exceptional person. She is on time, answers all my questions, makes you feel at ease, and I leave my session feeling so relaxed. In fact, I don’t want to leave.

I will continue with my full body massage and I’m so glad she is part of my wellness routine."

Aloha, Sandy-Redding, CA

"I met Karen thru a mutual business relationship, and have been in her care for over one year, now that says a lot all in itself.  She creates an ambiance that helps you too feel comfortable, relaxed, and leaves you renewed.  Karen is intuitive and is always respectful.

Leonora, Redding, CA

"I have been going to Karen for several years and have found Karen to be very professional and thorough. She provides a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.  Karen listens to you and is able to read her clients well.  I have been to others through the years but have found that I enjoy the massage experience that Karen provides.

She always provides that little bit of extra touch, like the hot river rocks, that make the experience very pleasurable.I have a lot of tension in the shoulders and back, and Karen has found a way to reduce that built up tension.  Thanks Karen."

John H., Redding, CA